Friday, June 24, 2011

Memories of Paris - 2011-06-11

Two weekends ago I was in Paris to visit my sister that is there now doing nothi... I mean in an ERASMUS. So like I'm doing with my trip to Japan (promise that will continue Japan posts soon) I'm going to remember the memories of my trip to Paris.

Paris 2011 - 001

All starts early in the Morning, about 7 o'clock I arrived to the Barcelona airport. There I had breakfast with Rider while was waiting check in to the plane. Then, after a flight of about 2 hours I arrived to Paris airport. There I waited until she and her couple came to pick me up.

Then we went to their house by car. When we arrive, was time to have lunch, so we enjoyed one of that roast chicken that my parents said that was so tasty. At the end was only a normal roast chicken XD

Paris 2011 - 003

After lunch, time to vist some places. We took a one day metro ticket but didn't use it too much, so we had a very long walk. Here some pictures that I took during the walk.

Paris 2011 - 007

Paris 2011 - 018

Paris 2011 - 019

Paris 2011 - 027

Paris 2011 - 030

Paris 2011 - 035

After that, time to come back to my sister's palace to have dinner. Wait, I said palace? Well let's say that is a very small cozy place ^^. When finished, time to go out again to visit more places. Didn't have to waste my time there. This time we went to visit Eiffel Tower at night.

Paris 2011 - 043

After that was definitive time to go to sleep. So we came back to their house, that tomorrow would be another very busy day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This week loot 4

This week loot 4

Last weekend I wasn't here, I was in Paris, so I couldn't write a post about the loot of last week. That consist in the new Haruhi novel, wrote in two volumes, and the second ending of K-On!! single, "No, Thank you!".

It's a shame that I can't read it. I read the preview that is the only part that is translated just now and is good. Hope that will be translated soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This week loot 3

This week loot 3

This week I either expect something special for arrive, but I finished with a very good loot. And, futhermore, a Haruhi special loot.

This week Haruhi special loot contains two novels, well, is the same novel, the Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya, but in soft-cover and hard-cover version, and three manga, volume 11 and 12 of Haruhi manga in Spanish and volume 2 of Haruhi-chan in English.

For the next week, I'm waiting for something very special, and also Haruhi related. Can you guess what I'm talking about? :P