Sunday, May 12, 2013

A week with the Galaxy S4

Hi people! Has been a very long time since my last post, but you know, blah, blah, blah... [insert here the excuses you would love to read]

Since last week, I'm a lucky owner of a brand new Galaxy S4, the new top range phone of Samsung. And I want to share my first feelings with you. The first what you think when somebody talks about a 5" screen for a phone is, that is huge! Won't be comfortable to use! So, for that reason, when S4 was showed with that screen size, I went to check which was the size compared with the S3. I have one S3 at work and I found it very comfortable to use despite also have a big screen. And here was the surprise, the S4 is smaller! So didn't have too much doubts that would be a device comfortable to use too. And I could check it since first day. Even I can use it with only one hand, and I don't have big hands at all.

About the performance, my previous phone was the Galaxy S, so now I found that all works nice and smooth. One of the first things I did was install Go Launcher Ex, that I love a lot more than the Samsung one. A lot of Samsung programs come installed too. One quite curious is to use the phone as TV remote control. The app also suggest you shows that you would like. For that reason one of the new things included in this Galaxy is a infrared sensor. Actually the phone is full of sensors to do things with uncertain utility. I disabled all, but when was taking the picture this afternoon I realized that one of the sensors on the top was on, emitting an intermittent non-visible light, that was able to see in the camera screen. And I have no idea for what is used that...

The screen is amazing! Crisp sharp and very saturated colors and a lot better corrected than previous AMOLED screens. The camera I also great. The pictures are sharp, and the color looks great even with any correction.

I'm very happy with my new phone. Fill all my needs very well. And also have a good battery life, about 2 days in normal use, quite good for these days. See you soon!