I'm a 26 years old computer engineer. Usually I use this three adjectives to define me: geek, otaku and catalan. Geek because I love the new technologies, the computers and gadgets. And also I'm a convinced Linux user. Otaku because I love the manga and anime world. Also I have a big figurines collection. My favourite anime is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (only the first season, of course!) and my favourite manga is Love Hina. And catalan because is the country where I was born.

You can find me in the web at:

...this blog
This is my thrid blog. As a personal blog, doesn't have a defined tematic. It talks about all the themes that I find interesting. More or less like my last blog. The big change is that this will be written all in English. Well, I'll try to do it ^^