Saturday, December 17, 2011

Memories of Paris - 2011-06-12

Second day on Paris started. Was able to sleep pretty well although was on the floor. Finished the day before very tired. So after a good sleep, time for a good breakfast. We went to a Tunisian place to eat something that don't remember the name. But was nice, its flavor was like "churros" but with a diferent shape.

Paris 2011 - 048

When we finished to have breakfast, started another walk arround diferent places of Paris.

Paris 2011 - 049

Paris 2011 - 051

Paris 2011 - 053

Paris 2011 - 055

Paris 2011 - 060

With also time for a sweet mint tea before lunch.

Paris 2011 - 068

After lunch, and get our's strength back, we continued our walk that finished in the Eiffel tower.

Paris 2011 - 072

Paris 2011 - 076

Paris 2011 - 079

Paris 2011 - 082

Then we were a bit hungry, so was time for a break and had a mid afternoon snack.

Paris 2011 - 088

After that, was still very soon to have dinner and had visited all the main places of Paris. So to spend time we decided to go to take a look to a new underground line that Bernat heared that the design of the stations was diferent of the usual. But at last were normal stations... The most special of that line is that trains didn't have driver. This is the only one a bit diferent, with a lot of vegetation in it, like a rainforest:

Paris 2011 - 089

And later was time to had dinner. I chose one plate plate more typical of the south of France than the north, le Cassoulet:

Paris 2011 - 090

Was delicious! And the dessert was:

Paris 2011 - 091

Yes, crêpes. Can't left France without try them. After dinner still visited more places, this time Sacré Coeur and Louvre at night.

Paris 2011 - 092

Paris 2011 - 095

And that was the last we did that day. Later came back to home, very tired , to sleep.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas photowalk

Just finished to upload to flickr some of the pictures that I took this week, when I went out for a walk one evening. This is the first time that I took pictures in a more artistic way. Hope that you like it.

Terrassa Christmas 2011 - 0007

Terrassa Christmas 2011 - 0016

Terrassa Christmas 2011 - 0005

You can see the rest in the flickr set.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Memories of Japan - 2010-08-09 - 4. Cooking and singing

Japó 2010 - 0103

The second night in Japan and the first night in our new hotel finished, so we woke up. Man, this hotel was a palace compared with the previous one. Besides, we had free breakfast! For breakfast there was some oriental and occidental food. So I tried a bit of all.

Japó 2010 - 0095

After breakfast was time to go out to visit Asakusa. When arrived there, we were taking a walk arround all the souvenir stores near the Sensoji temple and later in the temple complex. There I praid to have a great travel with my friends. We also looked our fortune and finished we three of us with bad fortune... but we tied our papers and our bad luck went away :)

Japó 2010 - 0137

We spent all the morning there, so when we finish the visit was time to have lunch. For lunch we decided to try an okonomiyaki's place when you had to cook your food. The final result doesn't seems an okonomiyaki but was nice, and fun.

Japó 2010 - 0149

After lunch we went to the Ueno park. When we finished to visit some of the temples in the park, we went to the lake. There Laia did one of the biggest discoveries of the travel, Suika soda! Soda with watermelon flavor. Is very very nice! But before that great moment of the discovery, my three friends took a boat in the lake and I prefered took a walk arround the lake. Then was when I was assault by a crows flock. Luckily was able to run away alive. Also remember that there, the cicadas made a lot of noise.

Japó 2010 - 0156

Later we left Ueno park and went to the Tokyo University. They have a lake inside the university! In my faculty was hard to find more than 3 square meters of grass... Also saw the main building. Was nice to see after saw it a lot in Love Hina manga.

Japó 2010 - 0161

After that... Yokoso Akiba!! My first time in Akihabara. Was very exciting! We took a fast walk, don't have much time, and went to have dinner in one of the cheap restaurants that there are there.

Japó 2010 - 0175

And later... yes, after that long day still had energy for more, karaoke time! We had a lot of fun singing. These drained all the energy that remainded in us, so after that came back to the hotel to sleep.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm back

After a long hiatus I'm writing a new blog entry. Not much hapened in last months, the most interesting was a trip through some southeast asian countries. I uploaded a lot of pictures on my flickr and will write some entries about it.

Today also went to watch castells. For today, Minyons anounced two very dificult castells, but after try one of them, 3 de 10 amb folre i manilles, in the first round and don't be able to achieve it, then they tried some easier. Was a shame, hope that they can do another 3 de 10 very soon :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Memories of Paris - 2011-06-11

Two weekends ago I was in Paris to visit my sister that is there now doing nothi... I mean in an ERASMUS. So like I'm doing with my trip to Japan (promise that will continue Japan posts soon) I'm going to remember the memories of my trip to Paris.

Paris 2011 - 001

All starts early in the Morning, about 7 o'clock I arrived to the Barcelona airport. There I had breakfast with Rider while was waiting check in to the plane. Then, after a flight of about 2 hours I arrived to Paris airport. There I waited until she and her couple came to pick me up.

Then we went to their house by car. When we arrive, was time to have lunch, so we enjoyed one of that roast chicken that my parents said that was so tasty. At the end was only a normal roast chicken XD

Paris 2011 - 003

After lunch, time to vist some places. We took a one day metro ticket but didn't use it too much, so we had a very long walk. Here some pictures that I took during the walk.

Paris 2011 - 007

Paris 2011 - 018

Paris 2011 - 019

Paris 2011 - 027

Paris 2011 - 030

Paris 2011 - 035

After that, time to come back to my sister's palace to have dinner. Wait, I said palace? Well let's say that is a very small cozy place ^^. When finished, time to go out again to visit more places. Didn't have to waste my time there. This time we went to visit Eiffel Tower at night.

Paris 2011 - 043

After that was definitive time to go to sleep. So we came back to their house, that tomorrow would be another very busy day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This week loot 4

This week loot 4

Last weekend I wasn't here, I was in Paris, so I couldn't write a post about the loot of last week. That consist in the new Haruhi novel, wrote in two volumes, and the second ending of K-On!! single, "No, Thank you!".

It's a shame that I can't read it. I read the preview that is the only part that is translated just now and is good. Hope that will be translated soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

This week loot 3

This week loot 3

This week I either expect something special for arrive, but I finished with a very good loot. And, futhermore, a Haruhi special loot.

This week Haruhi special loot contains two novels, well, is the same novel, the Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya, but in soft-cover and hard-cover version, and three manga, volume 11 and 12 of Haruhi manga in Spanish and volume 2 of Haruhi-chan in English.

For the next week, I'm waiting for something very special, and also Haruhi related. Can you guess what I'm talking about? :P

Saturday, May 28, 2011

This week loot 2

This week loot 2 - 001

This week I didn't think that was going to write a new post about something that I received, but last Thursday I received a non-expected parcel. Well, non-expected because I totally forget about it. And its content was, Kuroneko nendoroid.

This week loot 2 - 002

I love the faces with she comes. It's like she is saying: "There is no way that Meruru can be better than Masquerade!". But she also comes with Meruru DVD, And BRS too, besides Masquerade DVD. What didn't like me is that only comes with a piece of plastic and the DVD covers are stickers for that piece. That's annoying, you can't change between them too much.

This week loot 2 - 003

And that was the loot of this week. Let's see if next week appears something unexpected too.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This week loot 1

This week loot 1

Hi people! Passed long time since my last post, but I started to work and I'm a bit busy, and weekends I'm usually a bit tired. All of that made that I didn't write anything all this time.

Now I'm going to start a new section that I saw in some other blogs. In that section I'll show the purchases that I made or received last week. So let's start with the loot of this week.

The first thing in some manga, the first volume of K-on!, the seventh of Lucky Star and the 10 and 11 of Higurashi. Higurashi manga is subdivided in arcs, and each arc is drawn by a different author.

Next, two yummy bento books. There are a lot of cute ideas for bento presentation in there. Hope that soon have time to prepare some of their recipes.

And the last, and the worst... my first 3DS game, Puzzle Bobble Universe. Is the worst game of Puzzle Bobble saga that I ever seen. You can't choose difficult level in puzzle mode, is always in easy... that's too easy for me! and boring... And also only have two modes, puzzle mode and challenge mode. Challenge mode is also very easy even playing hard level... Until you reach level 700 it doesn't become a bit interesting... That's a lot of time! And the game doesn't have anything more. No multiplayer, no battle mode, no extra 3DS functions... If I know that I didn't buy it ¬¬

Well, that's all for this week. I don't think that all weeks will write a post like that, don't have thinks to show all weeks. But when I have something new, I'll write a new one. Meantime I'll try to write again other kind of post.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day

Supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day 008

Today I'm going to talk about the music group that lately became my favourite and their new album. They are supercell, and their new album, Today Is A Beautiful Day, was released about a week ago. I ordered it then and today arrived.

Supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day 003

Supercell started as a doujin music group, using Hatsune Miku's voice in their songs, but thanks to niconico, they won popularity very fast. Now are a professional music group that collaborates with a great singer, Nagi. Today Is A Beautiful Day is a compilation of some single songs released before and some new songs.

Supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day 004

About the songs of this album, what can I say... I love them. They didn't use Miku in any song but I love supercell even more without Miku. Some songs, I had listened them, because as I said before, some are from old singles, but are great. Well, I love supercell music, what can I say... XD Here some videos of some songs of this album: Perfect Day, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, Sayonara Memories.

Supercell - Today Is A Beautiful Day 015

I bought the special edition of the album. This surprised me a bit, because I thought that only came with a DVD as extra but also came with a illustration book and a guitar pick of supercell.

Well, that's all. I'm going to continue enjoying of the great music of Today Is A Beautiful Day.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS 009

Yes, I got one. I preordered it some time ago and yesterday was the release date here in Europe. But I was lucky and could enjoy it one day before. At Thursday noon I received a call saying that I could go to pick up my 3DS. And well, I went and was enjoying all the afternoon trying it.

I didn't buy any 3DS game. Don't find indispensable any of the currently available, so I prefer wait for now and I'll use it to play pokémon white. I preordered Zelda remake for 3DS but I don't know when will be released.

Nintendo 3DS 002

The box of the European 3DS is bigger than the box that I saw in videos of Japanese 3DS unboxings. That is because the European AC adapter is bigger. But for the rest, the box contains the same things: the manual, the charging base, the AC adapter, some AR cards and the console.

The external appearance I found better than I saw in pictures. I got the Cosmos Black version. The color isn't black, is more a dark gray that gives a pretty and smart look. The buttons, sliders and the analog stick also seems better than expected.

Nintendo 3DS 007

The 3D effect is awesome. More impressive that expected. It's like the effect that you have using 3D glasses in some TV or monitors but the fact that you don't need glasses makes it amazing. Is something that I hadn't see before and difficult to describe if you don't see by yourself.

As I said, I didn't buy any 3DS game, so I only can talk about preinstalled software. The Mii creator is very fun, when it creates your Mii with a picture of you. The AR games are very easy, more that games, I call it demos about what can be done with this technology. Face Raiders and music player I didn't try it yet. The 3D camera is awful... worse than I expected. There are other apps that aren't available yet, like an internet browser, and will be enabled in future firmware updates.

Nintendo 3DS 013

In conclusion, I'm very happy with this purchase. Now let's wait that soon will release better games that the currently available. It's also a shame that isn't region free, so hope that the good games will reach the old continent.