Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS 009

Yes, I got one. I preordered it some time ago and yesterday was the release date here in Europe. But I was lucky and could enjoy it one day before. At Thursday noon I received a call saying that I could go to pick up my 3DS. And well, I went and was enjoying all the afternoon trying it.

I didn't buy any 3DS game. Don't find indispensable any of the currently available, so I prefer wait for now and I'll use it to play pokémon white. I preordered Zelda remake for 3DS but I don't know when will be released.

Nintendo 3DS 002

The box of the European 3DS is bigger than the box that I saw in videos of Japanese 3DS unboxings. That is because the European AC adapter is bigger. But for the rest, the box contains the same things: the manual, the charging base, the AC adapter, some AR cards and the console.

The external appearance I found better than I saw in pictures. I got the Cosmos Black version. The color isn't black, is more a dark gray that gives a pretty and smart look. The buttons, sliders and the analog stick also seems better than expected.

Nintendo 3DS 007

The 3D effect is awesome. More impressive that expected. It's like the effect that you have using 3D glasses in some TV or monitors but the fact that you don't need glasses makes it amazing. Is something that I hadn't see before and difficult to describe if you don't see by yourself.

As I said, I didn't buy any 3DS game, so I only can talk about preinstalled software. The Mii creator is very fun, when it creates your Mii with a picture of you. The AR games are very easy, more that games, I call it demos about what can be done with this technology. Face Raiders and music player I didn't try it yet. The 3D camera is awful... worse than I expected. There are other apps that aren't available yet, like an internet browser, and will be enabled in future firmware updates.

Nintendo 3DS 013

In conclusion, I'm very happy with this purchase. Now let's wait that soon will release better games that the currently available. It's also a shame that isn't region free, so hope that the good games will reach the old continent.


  1. Looks cool, but it really does annoy me that Nintendo locks down every piece of hardware they release: at least make them region free. Why should they care if I want to spend a bit of extra cash on importing a game not available in my own country.

    Please keep us up to date on Zelda (possible future review) as that would be the one that I'd like to hear more about.

  2. I played it at my friend's place. He got the blue one and it looked nice, but I still need to see the black version, which I preferably would get.

    I didn't get the 3DS because of what you said: No interesting games on release date. I have to say, though, that I own SSF4 for my PS3, so I wouldn't be buying the same game for a portable device, even though it was quite fun (my friend got it) and the 3D effect looked good.

    The AR is amazing, but the camera can't read the cards well if you're not on a very well-lit place or if you're far away from the cards, which felt kinda lame for me.

    Other than that, I hope they release a homebrew channel soon and people can do more things like these:

  3. Yes, I would like a lot that nintendo 3DS would be an open system and you could program for it... I would love program something using the 3D screen. And yes, is really a shame that isn't region free... Sure that appear some Japanese games that I will want to buy and will never see here in Europe...

    About the AR cards, yes, I found really anoying that you have to keep the console in a small distance from the card.

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