Sunday, May 22, 2011

This week loot 1

This week loot 1

Hi people! Passed long time since my last post, but I started to work and I'm a bit busy, and weekends I'm usually a bit tired. All of that made that I didn't write anything all this time.

Now I'm going to start a new section that I saw in some other blogs. In that section I'll show the purchases that I made or received last week. So let's start with the loot of this week.

The first thing in some manga, the first volume of K-on!, the seventh of Lucky Star and the 10 and 11 of Higurashi. Higurashi manga is subdivided in arcs, and each arc is drawn by a different author.

Next, two yummy bento books. There are a lot of cute ideas for bento presentation in there. Hope that soon have time to prepare some of their recipes.

And the last, and the worst... my first 3DS game, Puzzle Bobble Universe. Is the worst game of Puzzle Bobble saga that I ever seen. You can't choose difficult level in puzzle mode, is always in easy... that's too easy for me! and boring... And also only have two modes, puzzle mode and challenge mode. Challenge mode is also very easy even playing hard level... Until you reach level 700 it doesn't become a bit interesting... That's a lot of time! And the game doesn't have anything more. No multiplayer, no battle mode, no extra 3DS functions... If I know that I didn't buy it ¬¬

Well, that's all for this week. I don't think that all weeks will write a post like that, don't have thinks to show all weeks. But when I have something new, I'll write a new one. Meantime I'll try to write again other kind of post.


  1. Seems rather late to be getting K-ON!'s first volume, don't you think? ;)
    Aw what the heck, never too late to get some Azu-nyan goodness (though I'm not sure if she's in the first volume)
    Anyways, congrats on your loot. Your bentos are making me hungry.

  2. Thanks!
    I know, is unforgivable XD
    Well, I wanted to get it since some time ago but I didn't get the chace. Don't wanted to order it alone :3