Saturday, December 17, 2011

Memories of Paris - 2011-06-12

Second day on Paris started. Was able to sleep pretty well although was on the floor. Finished the day before very tired. So after a good sleep, time for a good breakfast. We went to a Tunisian place to eat something that don't remember the name. But was nice, its flavor was like "churros" but with a diferent shape.

Paris 2011 - 048

When we finished to have breakfast, started another walk arround diferent places of Paris.

Paris 2011 - 049

Paris 2011 - 051

Paris 2011 - 053

Paris 2011 - 055

Paris 2011 - 060

With also time for a sweet mint tea before lunch.

Paris 2011 - 068

After lunch, and get our's strength back, we continued our walk that finished in the Eiffel tower.

Paris 2011 - 072

Paris 2011 - 076

Paris 2011 - 079

Paris 2011 - 082

Then we were a bit hungry, so was time for a break and had a mid afternoon snack.

Paris 2011 - 088

After that, was still very soon to have dinner and had visited all the main places of Paris. So to spend time we decided to go to take a look to a new underground line that Bernat heared that the design of the stations was diferent of the usual. But at last were normal stations... The most special of that line is that trains didn't have driver. This is the only one a bit diferent, with a lot of vegetation in it, like a rainforest:

Paris 2011 - 089

And later was time to had dinner. I chose one plate plate more typical of the south of France than the north, le Cassoulet:

Paris 2011 - 090

Was delicious! And the dessert was:

Paris 2011 - 091

Yes, crêpes. Can't left France without try them. After dinner still visited more places, this time Sacré Coeur and Louvre at night.

Paris 2011 - 092

Paris 2011 - 095

And that was the last we did that day. Later came back to home, very tired , to sleep.

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  1. Some excellent snap shots here, really nice looking pics. I particularly like the last two at night :)