Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) - First impressions

This was one of the animes that I wanted to watch more this season. And for the no very good quality of this season anime, Madoka Magica disappointed me a bit, for me is the best anime of this season that I watched.

The animation is very good, using soft colors that makes it very nice. The music is awesome, and combines very good with story in each moment of the episode. The seiyu cast is also great, I didn't know that was working in it Mizuki Nana, Horie Yui and Toyosaki Aki. And the story seems that will be sweet and touching.

The only negative point that I found is that story is a bit confusing at the beginning because there are a lot of characters and, the relation between them, isn't explained. So I was a bit lost at first. Hope that will explain it better in next episodes. Anyway, seems that will be a great anime.


  1. Yeah! I just watched this anime yesterday late night, before going to sleep.

    The original story is of Shimura Takako, who is the same of Aoi Hana. The stetics are similar to Aoi Hana.

    The main problem of this adaptation is because Anime's story begins in the 4th volume (maore or less) of the manga.

    Maybe you may give a chance to Aoi Hana first. Aoi Hana is made by J.C.Staff =P

    The art of this anime is really beautiful!! :D

  2. The 4th volume!? o.O

    Well, this is the reason why I was confused at the beginning, sure XD

    When I'll finish Bakemonogatari, I'll start to watch Aoi Hana :)