Saturday, January 15, 2011

Memories of Japan - 2010-08-08 - 3. Cuteness, hamburger and walk to Shibuya

Our first full day in Japan starts and we wake up in our disastrous first hotel. Luckily, the following hotels was all good. Everybody picked up their baggage and I took some pictures of our room. Bye bye horrible hotel, hope don't see you again.

Japó 2010 - 0041
Our first night room.

After that, we went to our new hotel. Toyoko inn if I remember well. This time was a western style hotel with normal beds, but too much better than the other one. Well this really seems an hotel, the other one... I can't define. We left our baggage there and went out. Still was too early to do the check in. So we went to Asakusa to find a place to have breakfast. And we found a little coffee shop where, after our first tries to communicate, enjoyed delicious pancakes.

Japó 2010 - 0042
Enjoying pancakes.

After breakfast, went to Harajuku. And there, we found our first, and more mythical, kawaii store, Kiddy Land. We spent some time in the seven floors of this big store full of cuteness. Later, we went to visit Meiji Jingu shrine. We spent our time there until was time to have lunch.

Japó 2010 - 0062
Meiji Jingu.

To have lunch, we went to Jonathan's. That's the place in the world where I ate the best hamburgers that I tasted. Totemo Oishiii~ And while my co-travelers chose more conventional drinks, I tasted Melon Fanta. Was very sweet! But tasted good.

Japó 2010 - 0069
Lunch at Jonathan's.

After lunch, we decided try to go from there to Shibuya walking. Was fun. We stopped in a music store, with lots of floors, too. In the anime section was playing "No, Thank you!", the second K-ON!! ending. That is maybe the song that I listened more in this travel. We also stopped in a clothes shop that had One Piece posters outside.

Japó 2010 - 0070
A clothes shop on our walk to Shibuya.

After walk some time, we arrived to the mythical Shibuya crossroads. We took some pictures of the crossroads and some more of the Hachiko statue. Later, finally was time to go to the first manga and anime related place, Shibuya's Mandarake. I enjoyed a lot walking through bookcases with lots and lots of manga. There I also found some figurines and nendoroids hard to find with expensive prices. But I bought nothing that day.

Japó 2010 - 0077

After Mandarake's visit, was time to have dinner. We went to a typical Okinawa restaurant but without knowing it. Later, the waiter, that was very nice person, explained to us. Also explained and suggested some plates to choose. We enjoyed of a bit expensive but very good dinner.

Japó 2010 - 0086
Enjoying our dinner at a typical Okinawa restaurant.

After dinner, was time to come back to our new hotel. We still had to do the check in. After that, we went to our rooms. I checked my mail account, took a shower and watched TV a bit while the other people also checked their mail. And when everybody finished, bed time. Oyasumi!


  1. a really good and enjoyable diary day of your trip, very good blog post which gave me a lot of pleasure reading. I like the honest and informal style, keeps it more 'real life' rather than celebrity.

  2. Thank you! I'm very happy that you like it ^^