Monday, February 28, 2011

International Saimoe League 2011 started

It's been a while from my last post. I'm still without internet connection at home so I'm going to write a fast post about ISML, who started yesterday the preliminary phase.

For who doesn't know, ISML is one of the three biggest saimoe tournaments, and the tournament where occidental people have easier to participate. About three weeks ago started nomination period, where people nominated their favourite characters. And yesterday, as I said before, started the real tournament, with very hard to decide who choice matches like, between Misaka and Last Order, Ayase and Saten or Misuzu and Illya. I think that this season all the characters will be very close, more than last season, and will be very hard to predict who will win.

If you want to know who I voted for, I added a page to my blog where I'm going to put my choices every round. And for finish, I have to ask all of you that vote for Kuroko, this season she have to pass to regular season!


  1. Results are out.
    Many confirmations and a few surprises!

  2. @Persocom because in Ika's match was easy to choose for me. I chose Ika :3

    @Destroyar0 I saw it this morning. No big surprises for me. Well maybe some of the new characters had a better result than I expected for them.

  3. Nymph beating Nanoha to me was a surprise, I never thought she would be so popular (but I like it!)

    Also, poor Kuroko! She was second by just 69 votes and now she is up against Taiga...
    But I am also supporting her.

  4. Was nearly impossible that Kuroko pass in the first round preliminary, when only one pass and Taiga is in this group, so let's wait for the next round :)

    I was surprised too. Seems that Sora no otoshimono girls have more supporters than we thought XD