Friday, February 4, 2011

Without internet connection at home

If these last days I didn't update my blog isn't because I don't have nothing to post, is because I don't have internet connection at home.

I were trying to change to an another ISP an for some reason, now I have to wait some weeks without internet connection. In part is my fault, for being insecure and don't look all the options that I have before decide for one.

Well, luckily I can connect to internet with my laptop at library and avoid that the number of posts without read of my Google Reader can grow without control XD


  1. There, there. Is that why you're always in the library? lol

  2. Touché XD
    Hope that next week will have internet connection again XD

  3. Hopefully you'll get your net back :) You may also want to update your Moe Coalition blogroll.

  4. Thanks! Yes, I have to update it. Hope that this afternoon will have some time.