Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nagato nendoroid 3D pictures

These days I was playing a little trying to do an idea that I had. Make a 3D picture. Thinking on it a bit, doesn't seem very difficult. The 3D effect is caused because the every eye see an image a little different. Usually, a 3D picture is taken with 2 cameras at the same time, one near the other. But in a static scene actually is only needed one camera, taking first a picture, moving it a little and taking the other picture.

So I decided to try it. And who better to be the model than Nagato? Well, maybe if would exist a Kuroko nendoroid...

I took the 2 pictures, and now the problem is... how watch this in 3D? I know two techniques which are feasible to do it.

The first was the cross-eyed. Here you have to try to look the right image with your left eye and the left image with your right eye, crossing your eyes. Is a bit difficult at first but practicing a little you can do it. This is the picture to look using this technique:

Nagato winter nendoroid 3D picture cross-eyed version

And the other way is using a red/blue glasses. This is the picture to use with this way:

Nagato winter nendoroid 3D picture red/blue glasses version

Obviously, you need a red/blue glasses to see it in 3D. To construct the picture I used a tutorial that I found in youtube.

I didn't hope that the result would be this good, so I'm very happy with this test. I hope take more 3D pictures soon.


  1. I can totally see the cross-eyed one. I want this Nagato Nendoroid, so fucking cute I could die.

  2. Yes! But is better with her smiling face, really really cute! <3

  3. Have you seen this movie, by the way? It's one of the best movies ever. I'm planning on releasing a fansub in catalan once the blu-ray comes out. I already have all the dialogs translated :3

  4. Yes, I saw the Mazui version. I can't wait for the Blu-ray release! Only 8 days left! Oh, and I'll be waiting for your release in catalan too! :3