Friday, December 17, 2010

Triangle Heart ~Sweet songs forever~

The only reason because I started to watch this OVAs is that was related with Nanoha. Triangle Heart ~Sweet songs forever~ are 4 OVAs based in an eroge. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha used one of characters, Takamachi Nanoha, as its main character. And I think that is for this reason that lots of people saw them.

In them is explained an story about how Nanoha's siblings protect one childhood friend. She has received some threats, but don't want to cancel a concert tour around the world. She also have an official bodyguard, that is also a Nanoha's siblings chilhood friend, that doesn't get along very much with them.

The most interesting of this OVAs is watch Nanoha's siblings fighting in a battle. But for the rest, I think that have nothing more interesting. If this anime hasn't been related with Nanoha, I wouldn't have watch it. By the way, Nanoha also appears a bit.

Triangle Heart ~Sweet songs forever~ at AniDB


  1. Yeah, the only reason I watched it was the MSLN adaptation, there is even an older one that predates Toraha, and I can't find it anywhere.

  2. Yep, but that is a hentai anime XD

    I found the RAWs without subs.

  3. I watched the first chapter of the prequel of Triangle Hearts.... It's hentai... The only relation with Nanoha and others (in the first chapter) was the city: Uminari...

    Nothing worth to watch >.<

    Triangle Hearts is still ok compared with the prequel XD

  4. Yep, but either aren't too much interesting compared with Nanoha XD